Quality management

Quality management

Securing customer trust with product quality that satisfies customer requirements


  • Quality stabilization through early development quality VISIBILITY and pre-verification activities
  • Expansion of effectiveness and efficiency such as QE expertise, KNOW HOW, etc.
  • Quality enhancement according to the QP process to support the development of products/services that satisfy customer requirements


  • Securing a process monitoring system by building GLOBAL QMS
  • Quality stabilization through establishment and stabilization of manufacturing execution system MES and F/PROOF
  • Planning-execution-manufacturing-monitoring-LOT tracking and introduction of statistical quality control (SPC)


  • Realization of customer satisfaction reflecting process/response with CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS
  • Securing 3M/12M/QS, IQS, VDS, field quality quick/accurate quality response

Reinforcing quality through continuous improvement activities of partners

  • SPC management of major items applied with antenna characteristics of domestic and foreign companies and management of quality technology level improvement
  • Minimize occurrence of quality problems due to accidental/abnormal causes through regular product/process diagnosis

Quality certificate (IATE)

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