Sustainable management

Eco-friendly management

Environmental policy

Winnercom will pursue eco-friendly management activities to preserve the global environment, and implement the following for continuous improvement activities.

  • Establish and implement an environmental management system to minimize the impact on the environment throughout the entire process from product design to production, use and disposal.
  • Establishes, complies with, and audits internal standards to satisfy environmental laws and requirements agreed upon by related organizations.
  • Establish and implement goals for environmental performance improvement in business activities such as product design and production, and carry out continuous improvement activities.
  • Through sharing environmental information and environmental education, we foster environmental awareness and strengthen competencies among members of the organization.
  • Practice sustainably through eco-friendly products that maximize the efficiency and circulation of resource use.


Win-Win management

Win-Win Growth Promotion System

Winnercom has signed win-win growth agreements with partners and is working to stabilize their business.


Fair trade operating system

Establish and implement in-house standards and operating systems so that all contact departments can conduct business fairly and transparently in dealings with business partners

  • Definition of Sub supplier
  • Review of relevant laws
  • Establishing internal guidelines for fair trade
4 Guidelines for Fair Trade – Establishment and operation of internal review committee
– Selection and operation of partners
– Signing a desirable contract
– Desired written issuance and preservation
Purchasing policy
WINNERCOM Code of Conduct

Win-Win growth system

Winnercom is operating practices in accordance with the 4 guidelines of the Fair Trade Commission.

Establishment and operation of internal deliberation committee
Selection and operation of partners
Desirable contract signing

Desirable written issuance and preservation

위너콤은 공정거래위원회 4대 가이드라인에 따른 실천사항을 운영하고 있습니다.
  • 동반성장 심의위원회
    – 위너콤의 동반성장 및 하도급관련 업무 관련 주요 사항에 대하여 논의하고 심의 하는 회의체
  • 주요 심의내용
    – 협력사 등록, 취소기준 및 절차의 적절성 여부
    – 협력사 미 선정 또는 등록취소에 대한 이의신청 건
    – 하도급 법 등 관련 법규 위반 소지가 있는 사전 시정조치
    – 동반성장 관련 업무 및 프로세스
    – 동반성장 추진 대상 협력사 범위
    – 협력사 주요 선정기준
  • 동반성장 심의위원회 구성
  • 협력사 선정/운용 기준

Reports and suggestions

WINNERCOM has established communication channels to resolve various concerns of stakeholders, and through this, we intend to establish and maintain a healthy culture that WINNERCOM pursues.

Reported content related to unfair trade practices

  • Receiving money, valuables and entertainment of our employees from business partners
  • Monetary transactions between business partners and our employees
  • Unfair acts and harms of our business partners
  • Unfair preferential treatment and equity investment by our executives and employees
  • Misconduct, such as unfair business practices, by our executives and employees

Whistleblower protection

  • Reported contents are not disclosed to third parties, the confidentiality of the counselor is absolutely protected.

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